For complex systems, you do not need an anonymous call center. At our hotline you will talk with experts who know our hard- and software and their application in practice.


Our hotline gives you the opportunity and the assurance to be able to help and advise you regarding the optimal use of our systems. Disturbances can usually be remedied by remote access by our technicians. If the hotline can not handle your request, our staff will take care that a technician comes to your location or that, for example, Spare parts are dispatched.


Software and technology are subject to constant changes and new developments. Therefore updates are issued regularly for all components of the IntraKey system technology. Your system consultant is at your disposal for all questions concerning updates and their benefits for you.

Service contract

Support for customers without a service contract is provided with 10-minute clocking at the usual hourly rate. If the need for updates exists, these can be offered individually.

On the other hand, you are technically on the safe side with a service contract and financially in favor of the individual invoice. The support is remunerated at a flat rate and updates are free of charge.

IntraKey offers a three-level model of the service contract:

  • software maintenance and hotline (updates and support flat-rate)
  • software maintenance, hotline as well as regular maintenance of the system
  • software maintenance, hotline, maintenance as well as troubleshooting of the system

Customers with service contract enjoy priority at the hotline and also benefit from reduced hourly and daily rates for additional services.

Are you interested in the service contract? Just ask your system consultant.


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