Technical support

We offer you here the opportunity to contact our experts by telephone under Tel. +49 351 31558 123 during the so-called support times. Alternatively, you can send us your questions at any time via e-mail under an senden.

The Technical Support team at IntraKey will provide you with knowledgeable answers and solutions from our specialists, who are familiar with our hardware and software products and their applications in practice. Faults can usually be rectified by accessing the system via remote maintenance beheben. With a service contract you can reduce the costs of the trouble-shooting from the first minute. You will find further information on this service > here.

If our Technical Support team cannot deal with your problem entirely, our staff will ensure that a system technician visits you on site or that, for example, spare parts are sent.

Please always have your customer number ready for inquiries. You will always find this on the top right of all customer receipts (e.g. order confirmations or delivery notes).

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Costs per 10 minutes or part thereof: € 17.50
Free for customers with a service contract

Monday to Friday
08:00 a.m. – 12:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.


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With the help of Support you have successfully traced the fault and would now like to send us a defective product or component for repair?


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Here you will find all information about discontinued hardware and software products for downloading.

Internal area

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Here we make available information about the latest update versions, system requirements, manuals, operating instructions and certificates.

Remote maintenance

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Service contract

In addition to the fault-free, sustainable functionality of the system, our focus also lies on keeping the costs of continuous support as low as possible for you.

For this reason we should like to point out to you today the security-related and economic advantages which entering into a service contract currently represent for you.

Request your individual offer for a service contract today:

  • Regular software /firmware updates
  • Free hotline service (user support) for up to 12 hours* within one year
  • Preferred treatment for fault rectification (shorter reaction times)
  • Guaranteed on-site visit within two days following fault analysis (if required)
  • Ensured availability of spare parts for sustainable system safety and functionality
  • Access to customer portal with the latest information and documentation
* During the first year; 9 hours during the second year
  • All services in Service Package A
  • In addition, annual servicing of hardware and software components (on site)
  • All services in Service Package B
  • In addition, troubleshooting for hardware and software (on site)


With the help of Support you have successfully traced the fault and would now like to send us a defective product or component for repair?

Repair order
Please fill in the PDF form and include it with your repair order. Please note that components sent to us without a completed repair form cannot be processed.

Please send your defective components to:

IntraKey technologies AG
Repair management
Wiener Straße 114-116
01219 Dresden

Repair procedure

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1. Download and complete repair order form

Beispielbild Reparaturauftrag verpacken

2. Package the repair order and the defective components securely and send to IntraKey

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3. You will receive a confirmation of receipt and if appropriate an estimate of costs

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4. The repaired components will be returned to you

Repair costs
You will find all information regarding the repair costs in the repair order form.