Record times.
Legitimise free time.

Record times. Legitimise free time.

Time tracking for all companies

With the IntraKey time-tracking system for all sizes of company you can record and manage working times via app, web browser or at the terminal. Flexible organization of working time, making flexitime and annual working time accounts possible.

Staff management will become more flexible; periods of absence and lost time can be managed quickly and clearly. Automated reporting simplifies the recording process considerably.

For small companies we offer the cloud-based time tracking system intrasuite®time.


Everything about time tracking by IntraKey

Record working hours and absences: intuitively, cost-effectively and transparently via app

The IntraKey time-tracking system permits the booking of times and the retrieval of time accounts conveniently via app. Working times, absences and lost time can be rapidly and clearly managed.

Data comparison takes place in real time and provides the staff management with a precise overview at all times.

Billing compliant documentation

The objective and reliable documentation of hours worked is becoming increasingly important because in addition to the payment of wages and salaries this information will be nece­ssary for example also as billing-compliant evidence for short-time compensation (KuG), subsidies or later dealings with down time.

And of course the system will also provide you with unbeatable advantages after the crisis.

Zeitjournal in der Zeiterfassungs-App von Intrakey
Zeiterfassungsterminal IntraKey

Time tracking at the terminal

Working time and down time can be booked and time and holiday accounts accessed via the terminal. Modern design, a large display with touch control and speech option offer top user comfort.

Data are encrypted for transmission between terminal and server. If the server is not available the terminal will conti­nue to operate offline.

The integrated chipcard reader reads the data of all current chipcards and smartphones. In addi­tion to time tracking, the chipcards can also be written, for example, with the latest locking authorisation for electronic cylinders and door fittings for offline access control.

Your advantages: an overview

Fast and efficient

Beispielbild für schnelle und effiziente Zeiterfassung
  • Working times and absences in real time
  • Automated data processing and reports
  • Use default settings and start immediately
  • Accounting and storage that are accurate to within a minute
  • Intuitive software management

Conforms to accounting and legal requirements

Beispielbild für Gesetzeskonform
  • Records for short-time work and subsidies
  • Minimum wage
  • Working Hours Act
  • Future requirements regarding timekeeping (European Court of Justice terms)
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Quality Made in Germany

Beispielbild für Qualität Made in Germany
  • Hotline in Dresden
  • Rapid local installation with remote servicing
  • Intrakey has more than 20 years of market experience in innovative software and hardware solutions relating to timekeeping

Time tracking 4.0

Functions in overview

Beispielbild für Zeiterfassung mit Stempeluhrfunktion

Timekeeping with time clock function
With the integrated time clock function, working time and absences (e.g. working from home) can be booked and the current working time status and holiday entitlement can be accessed via app, webapp or on the terminal (optional).

Beispielbild für individuelle Rechte/Rollenvergabe

Individual rights/role allocation
Thanks to the individual options for allocating rights and roles to employees and managers, you can use the timekeeping software to ensure that individual users can only see and access the data that are authorised and necessary for the execution of their tasks, thereby conforming with the law and ensuring the safety of the organisation.

Beispielbild für Zeitjournal

Time journal – mobil and via webapp
The journal for timekeeping shows a clear summary of all bookings of comings and goings for each day on a mobile phone and via webapp together with the way they were recorded and the resulting time credit as well as the total time balance. Absences such as business trips or holidays are also shown. Book­ings can be made immediately via the journal.

Beispielbild für aussagekräftige Reporte

Meaningful reports
Numerous statistics and evaluation options are available within the framework of the reporting features of the time-tracking software. The reports generated create transparency, permit analyses and an optimisation of future planning, and also facilitate employee management and staff motivation.

Beispielbild für zeitsparende Anträge

Timesaving applications via app and webapp
With the integrated workflow you save time and paper. And you can deal with everything fast and trans­parently in addition to the time-clock function described above:

  • Pass on applications for reasons of absence (e.g. short working hours, childcare, illness etc.) to the relevant recipient for authorisation
  • Submit applications for time corrections when bookings have been forgotten
  • Draw up and manage team calendars and duty rotas (optional, subject to additional charges)
  • Automatic notification of applications via e-mail or push notification
Beispielbild für Arbeitszeitmodelle

For all working time models
The corporate regulations regarding working time form an essential basis for digital time recording. Tar­get working times can be drawn up, managed and compared with actual working hours. Maximum work­ing hours, break regulations and rest times are pre-entered as standard on the basis of current laws and can be adapted to individual models of working hours at all times. These are then checked automatically and recorded in the journal.

Our time tracking software

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